Release Statement

I represent to BGEA that the Lord Jesus Christ is my personal Savior, which means that I am a witness about Him to others at all times, through my words and conduct, including during my service as a volunteer with BGEA. I also acknowledge that being permitted to perform volunteer service with BGEA is conditioned upon my agreement with BGEA’s Mission Statement and Statement of Faith and my ongoing demonstration of appropriate conduct that is consistent with those statements, Scriptural teachings and principles, and with BGEA’s policies and procedures. I will not represent any other ministry or personal interest while volunteering. I represent and warrant that I have no criminal background involving violence, sexual misconduct, or fraud, and agree to notify BGEA if there is any change in such status or if I am charged in a criminal matter of any kind. I agree to undergo certain screening, including a criminal background check, when my role involves access to individuals and/or an individual’s personal data. Either BGEA or I may terminate my volunteer role at any time for any or no reason.

Further, I understand that serving as a volunteer with BGEA will not entitle me to compensation or benefits of any kind, including insurance. I acknowledge that I have been provided with sufficient opportunity to understand the circumstances and environment in which services will be provided hereunder or to request additional information in advance of providing such services, and understand that those circumstances and environment may be out of BGEA’s control and may present various risks, including without limitation, the risk of illness, including COVID-19, physical injury, property damage, or even death, resulting from those activities. As such, I assume all risks associated with performing volunteer services and release and forever discharge BGEA from all claims, liability, and other damages arising from my volunteer service. In consideration of the opportunity I may have to perform volunteer service, BGEA may make audio, visual, or audiovisual recordings of me and use the same, as it sees fit, in any form of media, forever, without financial compensation. I understand that works I create while serving as a volunteer belong to BGEA, including title, ownership, and copyright of those works.

If I am exposed to what BGEA may consider to be confidential information, including without limitation, contact or mailing lists, information regarding the Graham family, or other information not known to the general public, I agree that such confidential information shall remain BGEA’s property at all times; that I will view, handle, and hold all such confidential information in trust and confidence and safeguard it against unauthorized use, publication, or disclosure; and I agree not to directly or indirectly, in any way, reveal, report, publish, disclose, transfer, or otherwise use any of the confidential information except as specifically authorized by BGEA.