Prayer Team


What is the Prayer Team?

The prayer team prays with those who respond to the Gospel invitation at the God Loves You Tour. Volunteers attend a free 3-hour Christian Life and Witness Course (CLWC) in preparation for serving at the tour. At the CLWC class, prayer team members learn simple and practical ways to share their faith—not only with those they pray with at the event—but in their everyday life.

Requirements to join the Prayer Team:

  1. Attend one Christian Life and Witness Course near you.
  2. Submit an application, along with your personal written testimony.
  3. Complete a free background check (if 18 years or older).

Applications for the prayer team are only available at Christian Life and Witness Courses. Background checks will be made available to those who apply for the prayer team following CLWC attendance. Prayer team members are required to be 14 years of age or older.

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